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Home Town Yong Tau Foo Wangsa Melawati ———-

I was grew up in this humble neighbourhood in Taman Melati, Setapak which many may not know the place until the LRT is establish.

While, with the recent incident when a mad man killed 2 people bring Taman Melati to a lime light again.

For me Taman Melati is a place close to heart. I spent my child hood and teenage time here. I grew up there and witness so many changes towards the place.

Years back the place is quiet and peaceful.

However, with the development and many new houses built, I can said the place become quite crowded and busy nowadays.

The up side, there are many eateries around and the houses there had increase in value. With a few kilometres away, there is a new shopping mall called Festival City mall.

Nearby Festival Mall, there is a daily night market (uptown) started the operation hours around wee hour from 9pm to 2-3 am.

Taman Melati and Wangsa Maju quite near to each other. Before, people know about Taman Melati.

I will said I’m staying nearby wangsa maju. Because, no one knows where Taman Melati is.

There is a place in Wangsa Maju we often eat since in teenage time. The place maintain quite comfortably for people come to eat.

To be exact the place located at Wangsa Melawati. The shop name is Hometown Yong Tau Foo.

The Owner is a Chinese and run by families. But, they hired many Malays and Indonesian to work with them.

So, the place crowded with all races.

The Yong Tau Foo is decent and there are many varieties too. It’s may not be the best in town, however if you are around the place why not check it out the place. As the price is affordable.

My Papa loves this shop very much and for him this is the best Yong Tau Foo, perhaps the place bring back his memories in the past and give him the comfort that he truly enjoy.

As you can see, we have call about 20 pieces of Yong Tau Foo with 2 rice. The total come up to only RM22.00.

I do love the fried dumpling and all other fried stuff. Quite good and in some places you cannot get the fried stuff like this.

I hate when yong tau foo do not come with soup, do u hate it?

We need soup to drink and we are soup fans, so Yong tau foo without soup , is a NO NO…

In this shop you can add the soup for many times without charges.

The fish paste is decent and normal.


The Verdict :

The food and environment quite comfortable. No air conditioner but with fan. The service is okay, the place is clean. Overall for me, if you are there and not sure what to it, why not give them a try.


Home Town Yong Tau Foo

Address : Jalan wangsa setia 1 wangsa melawati.








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